Increase Your Odds When Fighting Traffic Tickets

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Increase Your Odds When Fighting Traffic Tickets

Here are several easy things to shift the odds in your favor when fighting a traffic ticket. It may seem like a tricky thing to do, but many people get out of having to pay for traffic tickets simply by taking these simple measures:

Have Courtesy Towards the Police Officer – You are just one of many people an officer interacts with within an 8-hour shift. A single officer can jot down a ticket every ten minutes with computerized ticket writing. Numerous who receive tickets are understandably upset. That’s where some make their biggest mistake. They make a mistake when they argue or, worse yet, are impolite to the officer. The key, however, is to remain calm and not offend the officer. Treat the officer respectfully and politely. You may tell the officer your version of events, but it should be done calmly and respectfully. Why? Getting the police officer’s cooperation is often crucial to getting a successful outcome for your traffic ticket. If you are mean-spirited, the officer may write this on the duplicate of the ticket forwarded to the prosecutor. If the prosecutor sees this on the ticket, or if the police officer tells the prosecutor that you were impolite, the prosecutor will often not offer you a reduction. For example, the prosecutor will refuse to offer you a reduction to a zero-point infraction.

Fight Every Ticket You Get – The Secretary of State houses a database of everyone’s driving record. If you receive a traffic ticket conviction in a court, the court will, in most cases, send a record of your conviction to the Secretary of State so they can insert it into your driving record. Since your insurance company can view the Secretary of State’s records, this can cause costly insurance rate hikes. In my opinion, it’s important to fight every ticket. This is the only way you can try to keep your driving record clean. Why? It’s important to acknowledge that prosecutors have a copy of your driving record when you go to court. If the prosecutor views acquired tickets on your record, he would be less likely to offer you a diminished ticket. It’s similar to individuals with criminal records. If it’s your first offense, you can often get a plea to a reduced charge. If you have prior offenses, it’s less likely that the prosecutor will offer you a reduced charge.

Hire an attorney proficient in Traffic Ticket Cases – The old saying “been there, done that” says it all. A traffic ticket attorney can be beneficial. A lawyer can try to negotiate a favorable plea reduction or, if necessary, argue your case to the judge.

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