Increase Your Odds When Fighting Traffic Tickets

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Increase Your Odds When Fighting Traffic Tickets

Here are several easy things to shift the odds in your favor when fighting a traffic ticket. It may seem like a tricky thing to do, but many people get out of having to pay for traffic tickets simply by taking these simple measures:

Have Courtesy Towards the Police Officer – You are just one of many people an officer interacts with within an 8-hour shift. A single officer can jot down a ticket every ten minutes with computerized ticket writing. Numerous who receive tickets are understandably upset. That’s where some make their biggest mistake. They make a mistake when they argue or, worse yet, are impolite to the officer. The key, however, is to remain calm and not offend the officer. Treat the officer respectfully and politely. You may tell the officer your version of events, but it should be done calmly and respectfully. Why? Getting the police officer’s cooperation is often crucial to getting a successful outcome for your traffic ticket. If you are mean-spirited, the officer may write this on the duplicate of the ticket forwarded to the prosecutor. If the prosecutor sees this on the ticket, or if the police officer tells the prosecutor that you were impolite, the prosecutor will often not offer you a reduction. For example, the prosecutor will refuse to offer you a reduction to a zero-point infraction.

Fight Every Ticket You Get – The Secretary of State houses a database of everyone’s driving record. If you receive a traffic ticket conviction in a court, the court will, in most cases, send a record of your conviction to the Secretary of State so they can insert it into your driving record. Since your insurance company can view the Secretary of State’s records, this can cause costly insurance rate hikes. In my opinion, it’s important to fight every ticket. This is the only way you can try to keep your driving record clean. Why? It’s important to acknowledge that prosecutors have a copy of your driving record when you go to court. If the prosecutor views acquired tickets on your record, he would be less likely to offer you a diminished ticket. It’s similar to individuals with criminal records. If it’s your first offense, you can often get a plea to a reduced charge. If you have prior offenses, it’s less likely that the prosecutor will offer you a reduced charge.

Hire an attorney proficient in Traffic Ticket Cases – The old saying “been there, done that” says it all. A traffic ticket attorney can be beneficial. A lawyer can try to negotiate a favorable plea reduction or, if necessary, argue your case to the judge.

Disclaimer: The information you obtain in this article is not, nor intended, legal advice nor the formation of an attorney-client relationship. You should consult a lawyer for individual advice regarding your situation.

Some Guidance If You Have Been Involved In A Car Accident

In the unfortunate event that you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is necessary to protect your legal rights. The ten (10) items listed below are a few guidelines to assist you after an accident:personal injury lawyers


You should leave your vehicle as close as possible to the place of impact, and of course, out of the way of traffic.


You should contact the police first, and if there are injured persons, have the police call for an ambulance or emergency personnel.


After an accident, there may be debris in the roadway, or there may be vehicles in the road which cannot be moved. You will need to protect other vehicles traveling in that area from these dangers. For example, put on your flashing or hazard lights, particularly if it is dark outside. If you have flares or reflectors in your vehicle, these should be placed so as to warn oncoming traffic of the dangers ahead. It is also a good idea to raise the hood of your vehicle, so long as there is not a concern that there may be engine-related damage (fire hazard).


In many accidents, there may be a question as to which party is at fault. Under these circumstances, it is very important to identify witnesses whom can later testify regarding the facts of the accident. The potential witness should be identified immediately, as they could leave the scene prior to the police arriving, and may never be found at a later date.


Statements you make at the accident scene may later be used against you in the event that you make a claim or have your case heard before a jury. In many circumstances, an individual may feel responsible for an accident, only to later find out that the other vehicle was actually at fault, or shared some responsibility for causing the accident. It is important to be honest with the police. However, this does not require the unsolicited statements regarding liability for the accident.accident attorneys


You will want to make notes of the accident scene, including the time of day, weather conditions, road conditions, length of skid marks, and street lights. You may also want to make a diagram of the accident scene, including placement of crosswalks, traffic signals, stop signs and other traffic signs, etc. In addition, it is important to preserve evidence at the scene of the accident. For example, in many accidents, your vehicle’s seatbelts may not function properly. It is important to document that fact, and to have the vehicle examined by someone in seatbelt safety. If your vehicle is totaled after the accident, you will want to have such an inspection prior to salvaging the vehicle.


After the accident, it is important to obtain information from the other drivers involved in the wreck. You will want to obtain the following information, at a minimum:

a. Witness- name, address, and telephone number

b. Other vehicle drivers- name, telephone number, driver’s license number, license plate number, and the name and policy number of their insurance company.

c. Owner of vehicles- if the driver of the other vehicle(s) is not actually the owner of the car, you will want the name, address, telephone number and insurance information of the owner of the vehicle.


If you are having any type of pain or physical problems at the scene, it is important that you seek medical care as soon as possible. If there is any concern regarding your ability to drive, or whether your vehicle can be safely driven after the accident, you may consider transport by ambulance to a local hospital. In any event, you will want to consult a doctor regarding the accident, as doctors are trained to recognize and treat injuries which sometimes are not readily apparent to you.personal injury attorney


Texas is a “fault” state, meaning that insurance companies will determine fault in an accident before they will provide coverage. This is different from “no-fault” states, in which insurers will automatically provide coverage to both parties – regardless of fault.


If you have questions regarding your rights after an accident, you should contact an attorney that specializes in insurance or personal injury law. Most attorneys do not charge a fee for an initial consultation, and will be able to answer the questions you will have following an accident. Even if you were issued a ticket following an accident, that does not necessarily mean that you are guilty of the traffic offense or are responsible for the accident. You should not settle your injury claim until you have consulted a physician to understand the nature and extent of your injuries. Not all accidents result in a claim being made. However, you need to protect your legal rights in the event that it becomes necessary to pursue such a claim. Our firm has concentrated its practice on assisting those injured in automobile accidents, injured by defective products, and by the carelessness of others and obtaining fair compensation for their injuries.

Texas Auto Accident Lawyers – Personal Injury Lawyers

When thinking about Texas auto accident lawyers who lose cases for their clients even if they are winnable, you need to understand the circumstances behind the losses.

Let’s face it. No one is perfect; not even automobile accident attorneys! There is always human error in every profession. People DO make accident attorneys

When it comes to dealing with automobile accident claims and getting fair compensation, there are certain principles to follow that help insure you get the best possible results.

When a Texas car accident lawyer loses a case, the fault may lie in one of these common mistakes. Be sure that you and your Texas auto accident lawyers are avoiding these basic problems.

First fault: Lack Of Communication With Client

Communication has proven to be the most convenient way of information dissemination. Texas car accident attorneys should always advise their clients to call, chat, and even physically communicate any information that would be useful on the case.

Before and after each hearing, the Texas auto accident lawyers should always try to extract any additional information from their clients since a victim might not remember everything all at once.

According to Texas traffic laws, blood tests are usually done to check for cases of drunk driving. The auto accident attorney should also inquire about arrests or fines in case of traffic violation or qualifications in driving.

Truth always matters, and it is important for an accident lawyer to be given true and accurate information so as to avoid mortification by being blind-sided in the courtroom. Be honest and up-front with your automobile accident attorney so that they are prepared for every possibility.

Second Fault: Waiting Too Long To Seek Expert Advice

Lawyers should always advise their clients to pursue litigation promptly, while also referring them to other specialists if and when needed.

Justifiably, many personal injury attorneys are capable of resolving and winning cases on their own. However, in spite of excellent intentions, an accident lawyer may wait too long to refer a client to an appropriate professional. The result can be damage to the success of the case.

For example, when references to see a doctor are too late, serious and absolutely devastating wounds are often missed, and proof of the cause of the injury is forfeited.

In many cases, accident victims are unaware of the serious possibilities of injuries. In such situations, they do not pursue proper medical attention. This is a serious oversight particularly given that Texas no-fault law states clearly that all accident injuries must be crash lawyers

Third Fault: Lack of Photos of Victim and Accident Scene

Texas auto accident lawyers should do all in their power to be sure to get as many photos as documentation of the accident scene as possible. Pictures make compelling evidence.

It is through sight that a jury can understand the severity of an accident more so than by a mere description. Proper accident scene photos make the injuries real, believable, and vivid.

Auto accident victims hold more water in their cases by showing the impairment – not – pain. The State’s law says by “showing” pain you prove your sufferings more effectively than feeling pain which is not visible.

Fourth Fault: Failing to Give Proper Counsel

Texas auto accident lawyers should always counsel and advise clients in a way that adequately prepares them for what they should expect in court.

They may have to endure ridicule or censure from the opposing side as they try to turn the mindset of the judge and jury. Being prepared for this and knowing how to respond is extremely important in winning your case. Perception is often what ultimately sways a journey one way or the other.

As disclosed above, those are just the few mistakes that a Texas car accident lawyer can make. Don’t allow you or your automobile accident attorney to make these mistakes and lessen your chances of winning your case.